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Curanderismo may be defined as "Folk Healing".  Derived from the Spanish word "cura" which means to heal.The roots of curanderismo are derived from The Moors (who brought in Arabic elements to The New World)..such as a balance between light and dark as well as heat and cold.Beliefs associated with curanderismo "all power to heal comes from God" (Judeo-Christian) other influences are Indian (Aztec) especially herbs.

Will Curanderismo Work For Me?
Belief in curanderismo is not a requirement for it to work. 

How Can Curanderismo Help Me?
Have you had a frightening experience?
For example receiving bad news.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?
Did you suddenly feel wobbly?
Experience shakiness or even limpness?
Are or were your drowsy?
Have you experienced a headache with nausea,
anxiety, stomach upset, irritability and insomnia?

Tell Me About What To Expect From Curanderismo Visit.
Prayer is always said.  Curandera Kay is an Interfaith Minister and honors all religious beliefs.
Plan on at least one hour for your visit.
Your hands will be gently massaged.
You may ask for a list of herb teas that many people find are good for relaxation.

How may Curanderismo Visits do I need to have?
From one to three is average.

Kay Russell is available to help you with stress reduction/relief and soul retrieval.
Curandera Kay has been trained in Curanderismo by taking the University of New Mexico - Curanderismo Class and scholarly studies written by Curandera and Curandero healers.  Curandera is considered a God-Given Gift.

Curandera Kay is also a Usui Reiki Master and Medicine Reiki Master(in the Native American Cree Tradition)since 2002.
Please call for an appointment. (704)281-1173

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