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Reiki Healing

30 & 60 minute sessions

Reiki Training
Flexible Class Schedule
Classes Held Monthly
Traditional Usui Reiki

CEU Classes call for
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& Medicine Reiki
(Cree Tradition)
Reiki Healing
Complimentary Health Modality
"Very informational and compassionate person to work with"
Robert N. (Reiki Student)
Charlotte, NC

What is Reiki?
Kay Russell,Traditional Usui Reiki Master
& Medicine Reiki Master (Cree Tradition)
The word Reiki is derived from two Japanese words, "Rei" which means Gods wisdom or the Higher Power and "Ki" which means life force energy.  So Reiki is a spiritually guided life force energy.  Even though Reiki is spiritual in nature it is not a religion. 
The life force that flows through us is responsive to thoughts and feelings.  When we feel stress our body responds many times with physical illness because our organs and cells get out of balance.  Reiki clears and heals our life force energy pathways bringing our physical body and our emotions back into balance.  Reiki can never cause harm. Reiki gently flows to every part of our physical body that needs healing and and heals emotions as well. Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal itself.
As a Reiki practitioner I have done hundreds of healings since 2002. i

"Kay is a caring professional who is dependable and puts the needs of her clients first.  I would trust her to provide services to anyone I know."
Catherine S.(Reiki Client)
Charlotte, NC
heal relationships - reduce/relieve physical pain
and heal the emotions.
Reiki is a complimentary healing modality that works well with modern medicine, as well as massage, chiropractic, and other alternative health care.
The client receiving Reiki feels surrounded
                                    with loving feelings of well-being.

Reiki Training
Traditional Usui Reiki
Medicine Reiki (Cree Tradition)
Flexible Training Schedule

Reiki Healing Session FAQs.
  • Client remains fully clothed and may sit in a chair or lie down.
  • Reiki is given with a light healing touch of the practitioners hands.
  • Your respiration slows, blood pressure lowers and emotional calming occurs.
  • However, if you do not wish to be touched Reiki works just as well

Personal Private Healing Sessions
2 locations in Charlotte, NC
730 Tyvola Rd. 28217 &
Brookstone Dr.  28269

For an appointment
Call (704) 281-1173
Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes.
Reiki Healing For Pets

Reiki Long Distance Healing
Anywhere in the World

Reiki healing works equally well when the person receiving it is miles or even continents away.  So send Reiki healing to your loved ones.

Reasonable Class Rates

 Traditional Usui Reiki & Medicine Reiki (Cree Tradition)
Graduating Students receive 2 Reiki Certificates 
Traditional Usui Reiki & Medicine Reiki
Offering All class levels:
Reiki I, Reiki II and
 Reiki III/Master

Flexible Class Schedule
Weekend Classes Available
& Week Day Mornings
 Reiki I $150.00 (5 HOURS)
Reiki II $150.00 (4HOURS)
Reiki III/Master $250.00 (6 HOURS)

How Long Are Reiki Classes?

Reiki I & II may be combined &
completed in l day.( 8 HOURS TOTAL)
Special Pricing for this combined Class

call Kay (704)281-1173 for more information

Reiki III may be completed in 1 day (6 HOURS)
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