Do Your Own Garage Door Opener Repair and Troubleshooting

Garage door will not open? With a little troubleshooting you can typically prevent an expensive service call and get your garage door opener working once again in no time.

Inspect Your Door First
With the door closed, pull the emergency situation release cable and raise the door to see if it opens and closes efficiently. If it does not, the issue is with your tracks, rollers or springs instead of your opener. Find out more about garage door tune-ups.

Play it Safe
Deal with the door down. If your Chamberlain garage door opener problem is a damaged door spring and you pull the emergency situation release cable while the door remains in the raised position, the door might come crashing down.

Disconnect the opener. That way, you will not lose a finger if your unwary housemate strikes the remote button while you’re working. Even even worse, you might electrocute yourself, where case you would not have the ability to blame your housemate at all.

Sign: The Remote Works But the Wall Switch Doesn’t.

Repair: Replace the wall switch and wires.

If the remote works however the wall switch does not, you might have to change either the wall switch or the switch wires. To figure out whether the switch or the wires are bad, very first unscrew the switch from the wall and touch the two wires together (don’t worry, the wires are low voltage and will not stun you). If the opener runs, you have a bad switch. If you have an older-model opener, an inexpensive doorbell button may work. If you have a more recent opener that has a light and a locking alternative on the switch, purchase the one developed for your design. A brand-new one need to cost you about $15.

If the opener does not run when you touch the wires at the opener, utilize a little wire and leap those very same 2 wires at the opener terminal. If the opener runs, the wire that links the opener to the switch is bad. Often the staples that hold the wire to the wall pinch the wire, triggering a brief. Install 18- to 22-gauge wire.

Sign: The Wall Switch Works But the Remote Doesn’t.

Repair: Replace batteries or purchase a brand-new remote or receiver.

If the wall switch works however among the remotes does not, inspect the batteries initially. Still absolutely nothing? You might require a brand-new remote. Home centers bring a couple of designs, and you can discover a large choice online.

If you cannot discover one for your garage door opener design, you can attempt a universal remote or you can install a brand-new receiver. A receiver changes the radio frequency the opener utilizes with its own. An included bonus offer of a brand-new receiver is that it will instantly upgrade older openers to the brand-new rolling code innovation, which stops the bad guys from taking your code. Simply plug the brand-new receiver into an outlet near the opener, and run the two wires supplied to the very same terminals the wall switch is linked to.

Sign: The Door Goes Up, But it Only Goes Down When You Hold Down the Wall Switch.

Repair: Align or change the security sensing unit.

If the door increases however decreases just when you hold down the wall switch, check to see that the security sensing units remain in positioning. The little light on each sensing unit ought to be illuminated when absolutely nothing is in between them. Door sensing units do spoil, so if no light is revealing at all, you might have to change them. You can conserve yourself a long time using the existing wires. Likewise, direct sunshine shining on sensing unit eyes can make them misbehave.

Sign: You Have Power to the Outlet, But There’s No Sound or No Lights When You Push the Wall Switch and Remotes.

Repair: Replace the circuit board. For more information, go to

If the outlet has power, however there’s no noise or no lights when you press the wall switch and remotes, you most likely have a bad circuit board. Lightning strikes are the most regular factor for the death of a circuit board. The circuit board includes the whole plastic real estate that holds the light bulb and wire terminals. The part number must be on the board itself.

Changing a circuit board sounds frightening, however it’s actually rather simple. It will take 10 minutes tops and just needs a 1/4-in. nut chauffeur. Simply follow these actions: Remove the light cover, get the lightbulb, detach the switch and security sensing unit wires, get rid of a couple of screws, disconnect the board and you’re done. A circuit board will cost about $80, so make certain you safeguard your brand-new one with a rise protector. You can purchase a private outlet rise protector at a home center for less than $10.

Sign: Everything Works Fine Except the Lights.

Repair: Replace the light socket.

If the bulbs are OKAY however do not illuminate, you most likely have a bad light socket. To change the socket, you’ll have to get rid of the circuit board to obtain at it. Utilize the very same actions as in ‘Replace the Circuit Board’ (above) to achieve this.

When the circuit board is gotten rid of, pop out the old socket by depressing the clip that holds it in place. Get rid of the two wire connections and install the brand-new socket. Replacement sockets cost less than $15.

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